This is a place for me to put my thoughts and observations. Specifically, on all things “Tough Tech.

As an entrepreneur in the tough tech space, I have a lot of first hand lived experiences that shape my thinking on what is nuanced about startups in the space - and why the standard Silicon Valley playbook does not always apply. As an investor and just generally someone that enjoys systems level thinking, I like to try to figure out how the ecosystem (and the world) can better serve the space.

I actually hate writing, and I’m not particularly great at it, either.

But, I find that my ideas get clearer and I realize how much I still don’t know when I try to write it down. So, I’m experimenting with writing a bit to clarify my thinking, explore ideas, or just share some things in hopes that maybe I can help others, or meet others who may also be passionate, thoughtful, or motivated by the same things.

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tough tech thoughts


Ally Yost

tough tech thoughts